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About iBlong2

Are you involved with the running of a club or other organisation?
Are you the Chair of the committee, the Treasurer or the Secretary?
Do you still struggle with complicated and hard to maintain spreadsheets for keeping track of your members?
Are you still handwriting membership receipts?

If the above sounds like you then iBlong2 is just what you need to save you time, energy and effort at little or no cost to your club.

Membership Registrars

  • Keep track of your member due dates.
  • Produce membership lists
  • Create and manage groups or teams
  • Send out subscription reminders


  • Import bank statements and reconcile bank accounts
  • Track expenses and produce receipts.
  • Track membership part-payments
  • Prepare bank deposit lists and a variety of financial and audit reports.

Committee Secretaries

  • Send and keep track of email and printed correspondence
  • Send emails or letters to specific groups within your membership
  • Manage all correspondence from a single location

Activity Organisers

  • Manage the staging of everything from a sporting fixture to an art exhibition, a meeting or a conference.
  • Send out invites and receive and manage acceptances
  • Print name tags and other reports

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Access your records anywhere you have internet access. Makes it simple to do handovers to the next committee.

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If you decide to subscribe and have less than 100 active members then there is no charge to use iBlong2 - EVER. more....
FREE 3-month trial
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